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Various Artists - Rat Life 2
Rat Life
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WK 21, 19 May 2014
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Various Artists

Rat Life 2

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Imagine the early 80ies, cold war is on its peak, you are a young lad in american occupied Germany and don't feel like joining the army. What you gonna do? There is not much choice. You could crash your dad's car into the next bridge and get invalided out or you just move to the island of West Berlin and buy a drum machine?? "Neue Wohnkultur" is one of those bands started by renegades hiding from military service in the American sector of the German capital. Writing songs about what it's like to be a soldier is definitely more fun than taking extended field trips with the comrades to the country side. "Wir sind Soldaten, Wir sind Soldaten!" M.o.m.O. Cut it! So here we are, decades later, the wall came down, East and West Germans are shopping peacefully together, you are reading the press text of some record label called Rat Life. Does all this make any sense? Well you are the customer, it's your choice, you could click your mouse now and skip to the next item before I tell you about the flip side of this record which is nothing but a repetitive loop goin on for 9 minutes. You might say "Enfant Terrible (M.W. Cut)" is not a big pleasure for home listening but its on you to make it with your dads old records or grab a mic and rap over it?? (please don't rap over it).

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