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Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions Part I
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WK 05, 27 Jan 2020
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Area Forty_One

Nocturnal Passions Part I

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After recently making an appearance on the 100DSR compilation and having released on Ann Aimee in the past, Area Forty_One now steps up for a full EP on Delsin. The Dutchman proves himself to be an elegant producer of electro that has a super future soul to it across the four tracks on offer. First up, 'Nocturnal Passions Part I' skips on snappy drums through an ethereal galaxy lit up with neon trails and twinkling lights. It's a vastly spacious track full of celestial vibes and expert production before 'Reminiscence' deals in more serene pads and glassy melodies and conjures the sense that you are lost floating in deep space without a rudder. It's a beautiful place to be for the way it has no real drive or direction. Then, 'Freefall' trudges along some heavy, gloopy drums. All around are huge mirrors of melody that shine and reflect light back at you and leave you marvelling at their sheer scale and sereneness. Final track 'Isolated Soul' sure is aptly title, featuring sad synths, skipping beats and raining melodies that make you feel beautifully alone. There's a menacing sense of tension pervading the whole track, too, that makes it all the more engaging. This is a truly captivating and musical EP that exudes a terrifically cosmic and celestial aura.. here's hoping it's the first of many from Area Forty_One.

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