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Acid Mondays - Salvia Sessions EP
Illusion Recordings
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WK 17, 26 Apr 2013
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Acid Mondays

Salvia Sessions EP

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Illusion007 has a licence to kill, coming courtesy of Illusion Family members Acid Mondays with a stunning remix at the hands of Detroit legend Delano Smith. The 'Salvia Sessions EP' takes you on a rhythmic, hypnotic, tribal laced House journey into the inner workings of the cosmic duo's minds. Lead track 'Got To Get Higher' hypnotic house vibe is pumped along by the duo's cajual-esque drums, which intertwine beautifully with layer upon layer of vocals, FX and a thunderous sub-bass to create a monster of a club track ready for the biggest dance floors. On remix duties Detroit's Delano Smith for his first outing on the label and boy he does deliver. Delano pumps up the tempo and vibe and builds an insatiable groove around his typically classy motor city beats and eerie strings, delicately seducing elements of the original hooks in and out of rework to create a mesmerising, loopy dance floor House bomb! On the B-side, the duo contrast the A-side with two tracks which are a little deeper and take their inspirations from many a Monday in Ibiza. 'Me! I'm Over Here' builds its structure around their typical solid drums and layered vocals, pumping along consistently bar two long breaks, which provide the track with two much needed breaths in preparation for the fist pumping that commences after the beats kick back in. 'Watching Eastwood' takes a more slung back, sultry vibe, showcasing a deeper side to the duo's usual pumping club tracks. The suggestive vocals entice you in and the funk of the b-line and beats get the head nodding and the hips shaking. This EP is prime dance floor material and reinforces the fact that Acid Mondays are a cosmic, tea-drinking force to be reckoned with!! Acciiiiidddddd!!!

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