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The Housefactors - Play It Loud
Black Market Records
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WK 35, 29 Aug 2016
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The Housefactors

Play It Loud

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Official re-issue of Larry Heard's The Housefactors project! Another one of his classics!. Raw and relentless tracks that went so far from any electronic dance music from that period that, to date, is still recognized as Larry Heard's Signature sound. With his Mr Finger's and Fingers inc. projects going towards club use, this and his Gherkin Jerks showed another side of him... probably a darker side, but for sure a more raw and different side with music that most likely was transmitted to him from another planet. Many producers have been inspired by his sound, and tried to create their own defenition of house music, but still to date Gherkin Jerks and The Housefactors are some of the most unique projects in House music history. Play It Loud originally came out in 1988 (!) on Black Market records. And how cool is it to see an official re-issue on the original label by the original guys who did this almost 25 years ago!. Eternal respect to Larry Heard and a big thanks to Black Market records for making this important record available again.

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