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  • OCB - The Anti Climax

    OCB - The Anti Climax

    Casa Voyager is back with a diverse EP from Driss Bennis as OCB. This ep ends a remarkable first year for the moroccan imprint and gathers a large range of... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | CSV03

  • Kosh  - Null 212

    Kosh - Null 212

    After a small break and the success of 1st EP, the moroccan label Casa Voyager returns with 4 electro tracks from Kosh to feed your data fantasies. ... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | CSV02

  • Detroit's Filthiest - Prime Cuts

    Detroit's Filthiest - Prime Cuts

    Detroit legend Dj nasty aka Detroit's Filthiest is back on Casa Voyager with his most emotional work to date. He delivers here 4 prime cuts full of detroit... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | TWR02

  • Kosh - Keep Hope Alive

    Kosh - Keep Hope Alive

    Over a year after his critically acclaimed EP Null 212, Kosh strikes the stores again with a powerful five-tracker EP. This time, the Moroccan producer dives... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | CSV05

  • Detroit's Filthiest - Private Stock

    Detroit's Filthiest - Private Stock

    Trans World Railways is the new international serie curated by the casa voyager crew. First stop in motor city, with legend Detroit's Filthiest. Born in... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | TWR01

  • Various Artists - Casa Sports Vol.2

    Various Artists - Casa Sports Vol.2

    The second volume of Casa Voyager's compilation gathers the label's regulars OCB and Kosh, as well as two new artists: Polyswitch, coming straight from the... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | CSV04

  • Kosh / Ocb / Viewtiful Joe - Casa Sports

    Kosh / Ocb / Viewtiful Joe - Casa Sports

    First batch of the 2019 repress is on white vinyl! Debut release of Casa Voyager, first Moroccan label exploring hidden cultural spheres in Casablanca. Five... more

    12inch | Casa Voyager | CSV01

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